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Every car owner has gotten to the point with one of their vehicles where they want to move on. There are several options if you're wondering how to you sell your car, but our dealership provides the convenience and value you deserve. We're happy to buy any make or model, and we buy currently leased vehicles, too! It's easy to find the value of your vehicle online so that you're confident with our offer. Below, we highlight your options if selling your car near Hagerstown and how we make it so simple.

Sell Your Leased Vehicle in Chambersburg

Leasing a car provides flexibility, but sometimes getting out of your lease agreement can be tough. Our dealership makes it easier as we'll buy the car that you're leasing so that you can move on to something new or get more cash in your pocket. We're happy to buy any sort of vehicle, whether you started a Lincoln lease with us or a model from a different brand.

Selling your lease is as simple as if you owned it. Our finance experts can go over your lease agreement and inspect your vehicle to see its condition. We can handle all the paperwork and go over it with you so that you can spend your time as you want. It's quick and a great way to move on from your current lease to a vehicle you want to buy or a new lease.

Receive Exceptional Value for Your Car

We're happy to buy cars that you own. If you've entered a part of life where you need a larger vehicle or just a different one, we can give you the value that you deserve for it. This is true of older models that you may not drive anymore, so don't hesitate to find out your vehicle's value! It doesn't cost you anything and the info can help you get more from driving experiences.

Trade in Your Car for a New Lincoln Near Waynesboro

If you want to upgrade your current vehicle, trading it in for a new Lincoln may be the easiest way to get the most value from it. There's no sales tax when you trade in your vehicle, which means that you get more money to put towards your next vehicle. If you know that you need more from your vehicle than what you're currently getting, trade it in for a new Lincoln or one of our many pre-owned models.

A great way to start the trade-in process is to check out our new Lincoln inventory. You'll find elegant luxury SUVs that come with modern features that help you get all your tasks done. These are reliable new cars, too, so if you can't trust your current car, a trade can help you out. You can also put your car's trade-in value towards a used car at our dealership, which includes different brands and options.

Other Reasons to Sell Your Car to Our Dealership

One benefit of selling your car to us is that you can start it all from your home. Our online form gives a solid estimate of your vehicle's worth, and you can schedule a vehicle appraisal for a concrete offer. We prioritize honesty and won't lowball you as we know that is only a waste of time. If you want less paperwork and more value from your car sale, contact us today!

Contact Our Auto Finance Experts for More Details

We are always looking to build out our used inventory, so let us know if you want to move on from the car, truck, or SUV you currently drive. You can use our online resources to start this sale from your home or stop by our showroom to chat!

Stop by or give us a call to see how easy it is to get cash for your used vehicle today! Have more questions?  Get in touch with trade-in inquiries below or visit our Chambersburg dealership today. 

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