Learn More About Getting Your Oil Changed near Chambersburg

Looking for a convenient service shop at which to have your oil changed near Hagerstown, MD, Waynesboro, PA, or nearby? Trust the service experts here at Forrester Lincoln to take care of all your service needs! Not sure why you need to get your oil changed at all, or why you should get it done with us? Interested in learning more about your oil change options? Read on to learn more!

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Why Have My Oil Changed at Forrester Lincoln?

  • We use Ford Motorcraft semi-synthetic oil and Ford motorcraft filters which are specifically designed for each new Lincoln or Ford vehicle
  • We offer a competitive $39.95 oil changes including up to 5 quarts of Motorcraft oil with a filter
  • Every service visit includes a free no-charge multi-point inspection

Oil Change FAQs

Here are some the most popular questions we get asked by our customers from Carlisle, PA to Greencastle, PA and beyond about oil changes.

What Does Engine Oil Do?

Engine oil lubricates critical components of your vehicle's engine such as the pistons, crankshaft, and drivetrain, ensuring your engine stays cool and can operate smoothly.

Why Do I Need to Get My Oil Changed Regularly?

Because oil plays such a critical role in your vehicle engine's overall health, putting fresh oil in it at intervals recommended in your vehicle's owner's manual (usually 3,000 to 5,000 miles) will help you keep your vehicle in its best shape for many years to come. Plus, in the short-run, fresh oil can help prevent unnecessary engine wear.

What Kinds of Oil Are Available to Me?

Engine oil, or as it's sometimes called, motor oil, comes in a variety of viscosities, or thickness ratings. Viscosity is measured at both 0 degrees Fahrenheit and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. From 10W-30 to 20W-50, viscosity is written in a format that tells you how thick it is at 0 degrees (the first number before the W) and again at 212 degrees (the second number). An oil with a lower first number stays thinner at colder temperatures. An oil that's more resistant to thinning out, on the other hand, has a higher second number.

On top of your choice of viscosity oils, you can also choose between conventional or synthetic oil. The benefit of synthetic oil include higher mileage and/or time intervals between oil changes, a better tolerance for heat and cold, and enhanced lubrication properties.

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Curious to learn more about getting your oil changed at the Forrester Lincoln service center? Contact us for additional information. Ready to book your next oil change appointment? Use our online service scheduler to do that now!

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