Phone Pairing

Would you like to connect your mobile phone with your SYNC equipped vehicle? This Video will show you how to use the phone pairing feature in Ford SYNC

Audible Text

Text messages received on your mobile phone can be read out loud by SYNC. This video will show you how to use the audible text feature in Ford SYNC.
 Business Search

You can search for business information by saying the name or type of the business. Your search results will provide you with location, driving directions as well as the ability to text or call the business. This video will show you how the use the business search feature in Ford SYNC

My Favorites

Receive news, weather, and sports alerts hands free with my favorites. This video will show you the favorites function of Ford SYNC

SYNC Owner Account

This video explains how to set up your SYNC owners account so you can use personal favorites, get a vehicle health report, and receive news and weather.

Music Search

You can use a digital media player with your SYNC equipped vehicle. This video shows you how to use the music search feature of FORD SYNC


Real-Time Traffic

Receive important information about construction, accidents and other issues during your daily commute. This video shows you the real-time traffic feature of Ford SYNC


911 Assist

In an accident with air bag deployment, SYNC can automatically call a 911 operator. This video explains the 911 Assist feature of Ford SYNC

 Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Name your destination and SYNC will get you there. This video will demonstrate the turn-by-turn navigation feature of Ford SYNC

 Vehicle Health Report

Get vehicle diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, recall information and more.  This video will demonstrate the vehicle health report feature of Ford SYNC