Looking for a trusted destination to service your luxury car or SUV? Forrester Lincoln regularly provides factory-backed Lincoln service to drivers throughout the Chambersburg region. When it comes to traveling around the Hagerstown area with absolute peace of mind, few teams can deliver the heightened level of expertise and premium maintenance opportunities as our factory-trained Lincoln service experts.

Three Winter Service Tips to Attend to Before Tackling Winter Driving Around Chambersburg

  1. Seasonal Tire Change or Winter Tire Purchase: Some of the best advice we can give to our customers around Waynesboro is to encourage our patrons to ensure their vehicles are equipped with a proper set of winter or all-season tires. Because winter tires are essential to promoting safe operation through low-temperature and low-traction environments, we recommend that you put greater focus on picking up a set of new winter tires or all-season tires at our Lincoln parts department in Chambersburg.
  2. Replace Brake and Windshield Fluids with Winter-Specific Formulas: Regular precipitation throughout the winter can lead to brake fluid failure. This can also be said for your windshield washer fluid. We advise you to purchase a mix that's rated for extremely low temperatures to better ensure that these liquids don't free in cold weather.
  3. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure: It's imperative that you regularly check your vehicle's tire pressure throughout the changing months. If your vehicle happens to have improper tire pressure, fuel economy and control can be reduced.

Visit us at Forrester Lincoln, just outside Waynesboro and Carlisle for all our Lincoln service solutions. Your safety is paramount. Our professionals always have your best interest in mind and are here to ensure your white-glove service experience. We hope to assist you in the very near future.

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