Ready for new tires? It's important to ensure that your set of rubber is in good shape for the winter weather that's coming to all of us here in the Waynesboro, PA area. For some, that means purchasing all-season tires. For many, though, 'tis the season for purchasing a brand-new set of winter tires!

Why Buy Winter Tires For Your Lincoln Car or SUV?

Whether you drive a Lincoln sedan like the Lincoln MKZ, or you're the proud pilot of a new Lincoln SUV like the Lincoln MKX or Lincoln Nautilus, winter tires can be a great way to improve your winter driving performance in or around Hagerstown, MD. Having a dedicated set of winter wheels and tires that you can easily have mounted here at our Lincoln service center with the changing of the seasons makes switching over from summer or all-season tires even easier. But why purchase winter tires in the first place? Here are just some of the main benefits:


  • Better grip on icy, snowy and slushy road conditions
  • Increased traction over slippery road services
  • Reduced chance of hydroplaning or losing control of your vehicle
  • Reduced stopping distances compared to summer or all-season tires


Find Your Next Set of Winter Tires Here at Forrester Lincoln

Interested in equipping yourself with a new set of tires for your Lincoln? We stock all the brands you love, including:


  • Bridgestone
  • BF Goodrich
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Michelin


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To get in touch with us today to discuss your Lincoln tire options or order new tires, contact us online or by phone. Alternately, stop by our Lincoln dealership anytime at 832 Lincoln Way East in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania!

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